A tower defence game where the enemies can shoot back and destroy your turrets.I've tried to strike a balance so you're always having to choose to spend your gold between buying a new tower, upgrading an existing tower, repairing a damaged tower, or laying a new foundation to fill the crater left behind from a destroyed tower. Made with fullscreen in mind.There are 50 waves. If you make it to the end please don't spoil the ending for others. You'll see what I mean... :-D

Game Instructions

Left click to place turrets, turrets can only be placed on the square foundation slabs.
Right click/escape key to abort a turret purchase/upgrade/repair etc.
Pause button/P key to pause
If things get too hectic, you can build whilst in pause mode.

Game Details

Total Plays: 478 High Score: 4 Mobile Support: No

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