Addicting Sci-Fi Space Shooter on you have to destroy all that you can like asteroids, meteors and enemies.Collect all kind of powerup! lives, shield, megablast and pieces to unlock the triple shot.Also if you are in trouble or want to catch some item fast you can use the boost to Speed-Up your ship! Only check if you have enough fuel!The game includes some social features like Online Scores and some share buttons to post on twitter how good you are in the game. ---InstructionsMove: Use the mouse
Active Speed-Up: Press & Hold left click
S : On/Off Sounds
Esc: Go to MenuAdded support to Gamepad.
Press 0 -> Deactivate
Press 1 -> Activate and Press any button on Gamepad
Hold A -> SpeedUp if you have enough fuel

Game Instructions

Move: Use the mouse
Triple Shot: Press left click to activate

Game Details

Total Plays: 24292 High Score: 4.103773 Mobile Support: No

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